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  1. What kind of vehicle for rent?
    We catagoried vehicle by  car class system  into small, medium, large sedan, SUV, truck and van. Therefore, we cannot designate to customer any particular brand or manufactures make of vehicle. However 95% of our fleet will be Japanese car which mainly  Toyota  and Honda

  2. How old is the vehicle?
    We do not provide the age or the date of registration of each vehicle. However, our fleet will always remain in good usage condition and has average age of 2.5 years. We do not rent out the vehicle if the age reaches 6 years.

  3. What color?
    Customer can not choose the color of the vehicle. However, the majority colour of the fleet are safe-driver colour such as silver, gold or light grey.

  4. If the vehicle break down?
    Please contact our staff for assistant.

  5. If the vehicle break down will there be any replacement vehicle?
    Please contact our office to arrange with replacement vehicle.

  6. If vehicle break down in remote area or outside Bangkok?
    Customer can visit nearest car manufacture’s dealer. Please contact Ezy Rent a Car Office for prior approval.


  1. What the charge includes?
    Price will include VAT tax, insurance coverage and maintenance. Price will not includes  REC charge (Rental Excess Charge) if accident occurs and the rental is at fault which determine by the insurance company.

  2. Why need deposit of 30,000 baht by credit card?
    This is use to verified credibility of the customer. The failure for customer to comply with our terms & conditions, such compensation shall be charged from the deposit amount and return the remaining amount (if any) to customer at the time of returning the vehicle.

  3. What is the Rental Excess Charge ( REC ) ?
    The Rental Excess charge ( REC ) as stated in vehicle contract is the charge that the renter agrees to pay for the following cases.
      1. Accident occurred and the renter found guilty

    2. Accident occurred and no fault liability party can be identified

    3. Accident occurred and the driver has temporary driver license or not exceeding one year and / or the driver is younger than 23 years old 5,000 baht REC will be applied in case the vehicle is stolen, REC charge of 30,000 baht will be applied. This REC is the cost of repairing per accident which includes the time loss in order to replace and the opportunity loss of that car. However, the REC is excluding the lost accessories of the rented car. In short, if there are no losses and damages to the rented car, the renter will not be responsible for the REC.
  4. How can I avoid paying REC?
    First, do not get into accident. Second, you can purchase Safe Guard package.
Safe Guard Package



1. Premier Safe Guard

300 baht

5,000 baht

Package Detail


Excess charge







Spare car

Basic Insurance

5,000 Baht





Premier Safe Guard
(300 Baht/ Day)

No Charge



  1. How to make payment?
    We recommend secured gateway of Bangkok Bank (public) Company Limited. Through our website payment page. The system is trustworthy and highly secured. We accept most credit card companies including Master Card, VISA  and JCB.
  2. When to make payment?
    All payment will be made prior to rental. For internet reservation, payment must be completed in full via internet payment gateway secure engined by Bangkok Bank PLC., Ltd. in order to confirm your reservation. No reservation is completed without payment and our confirmation page.


  1. What document are require to rent a car?
    The following are mandatory requirements:

    Thai Renter
    Thai driving license of at least 2 years, Valid Local Identification (ID), house hold registration, 30,000 baht of credit deposit.

    Foreign Renter
    Valid International driver license, Passport, 30,000 baht of credit card deposit.

  2. How long will it take to verify document?
    Normaly 1 - 2 business day  if document are completed valid.


  1. Extra charge for airport drop-off / pick-up?

    - Pick up or drop off at airport, from 08.30 AM – 07.00 PM., extra charge of 500 Baht.

    - Pick up or drop off at airport, from 07.01 PM – 08.29 AM., extra charge of 1,500 Baht.


From 08.30 AM – 07.00 PM

From 07.01 PM – 08.29 AM

Ezy office


1,500 baht/ one way

Suvarnnabhummi Airport

500 baht/ one way

1,500 baht/ one way

Don Meung Airport

500 baht/ one way

1,500 baht/ one way

  1. Where is meeting point in the airport?

    - It is important to provide flight number and time of arrival in the booking.

    - In case of pick up, please meet our staff at Meeting Point ( Arrival Hall ) 2nd Floor. See the map

    - In case of drop off , please meet our staff at Parking Area 2, 5th Floor. See the map


  • Returning vehicle at different place?
    500 baht charge for returning at different location in Bangkok.
    Returning at other location cannot be made.

  • What happens if I return the car late?
    Ezy Rent A Car use 24 hours basis for 1 full day rental. If you return the car late more than 6 hours, we will charge 1 day rental fee.
  • Returning the vehicle early ?
    No compensation will be granted for early return of the vehicle.

  • What refueling option do I have ?
    Usually the renter will receive approximately 20% of the fuel in the gasoline tank. The renter is required to maintain the same 20% of fuel when returning the car.
    Refund can not be claimed for the excess fuel.


  1. How old do I have to be to rent a car?
    Generally, the minimum age to rent is 23 - 60. If you are under 23 or over 60 years old, you will need to check with us in advance if it is acceptable.

  2. If I don’t have Thai driver license, can I rent the vehicle?
    Any country valid driving license can be used for renting vehicle

  3. Credit card is necessary for rental?
    Customer must has valid credit card available in VISA, Master or JCB.



  1. How does the insurance cover?

    Every rented car is covered by first class insurance.

    Please see detail for limited liability:

    Third Party Person Injury or Death
    Bodily Injury
    500,000Baht per person
    10,000,000Baht per accident
    Property Damage
    5,000,000Baht per accident

    Personal Accident
    1 Unnamed Driver
    100,000 Baht
    4 Unnamed Passenger
    100,000 Baht per person

    Medical Expenses
    100,000 Baht per person

    Bail Bond for Driver
    200,000 Baht per accident

    Deductible to be borne by renter in the event Renter is fault or unable to report the other party In an accident to lessor
    5,000 Baht per accident
    30,000 Baht for stolen vehicle.

    All information regarding the insurance and contact number can be found on the front of driver windshield and in the glove compartment. In any case, please call the insurance immediately if accident occurs.

    However, there are some cases that insurance does not cover and the renter will be fully responsible for all damages and expenses.

    The insurance does not cover in case:
    Rented car is driven outside Thailand
    Using rented car in illegal activities
    Using rented car in speed racing activities
    Alcoholic drinking while driving